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Holiday Gift Packages

Holiday Gift Packages

Give A Gift that Lasts a Lifetime …. the gift of dance & music! 

The performing arts instills so much in a child – confidence, joy, discipline, lifetime friendships and so much more.  Give a gift this holiday season that won’t be forgotten or tossed in a toy pile, the gift of dance or music. 

  • Purchase the package, then let us help you find the perfect class fit for your student. Once the package is purchased we will then transfer the student to the correct class placement. Please provide us with who you want us to contact to choose class dates, times and sizes.  We don’t want to spoil a surprise!

If you want to choose everything before it is purchased, we can do that as well, just email us at  or give us a call.

Please don’t hesitate to email us at info@lknperform.com or call us at 704-215-4900 with any additional questions.

Dance Class Gift Package

Music Lesson Gift Package