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Acting Overview

Acting Overview


 Filmmaking & Actors Workshop for Teens 

A class for students who want to perform & develop their own characters and script! Taking inspiration from their experiences and the world around them students will be developing their own script and story.   Students will Film, direct, write, edit, light and everything that is required to produce their own films. The focus on improving each student’s fundamental understanding of acting- screen movement-character development and motivation while rehearsing a script specifically created by these young performers. Explore, develop and deepen your understanding of the craft of acting while bringing the groups vision to life. Learn to write a script & shoot a film while developing your skill as an actor & filmmaker as you rehearse and then finish your project. Students must be comfortable with the memorization of lines and the writing process & filmmaking process. 

Go to Acting Schedule to Register – If you need assistance please call or email us at 704-215-4900 to info@lknperform.com.


Our Acting program is based in classical training, providing our students with a solid foundation while allowing them to grow and explore their artistic interests. Our instruction is geared toward the students age while continuing to challenge them. Throughout the course of our program students will learn the fundamentals of acting, from making strong character choices to clarifying objectives, improvisational techniques and scene work. 

As the students skills develop they move on to tackling monologues and scene study while exploring the actors process for both stage and screen. In our program students develop skills that engage their mind, body, voice and imagination!

Class Offerings depending on session includes :

Acting I – Fundamentals,  Acting II/III,  Actors Toolbox, Acting for Stage and Screen and much more!


** Filmmaking & Acting  

Welcome to the wonderful world of filmmaking! The instructor of this course has been working in the film industry in Los Angeles for the past four years, has a Master of Fine Arts in Dance for the Camera, has had her own films screen in festivals in the US and Europe, and is excited to bring her knowledge and love for film to LKNPA! Students will be introduced to many aspects of the filmmaking process including: roles on a film set, screenwriting, pre-production, storyboarding, camera work, directing, acting for the camera, sound, stop motion animation, editing, and film festivals. Students will be exposed to introductory film history and theory and different types of cinema (fictional narrative, documentary, short films, animation, experimental, art cinema, dance film, and films from all over the world, etc). Students will watch films, talk about films, and of course – make their own films! Screenings may be arranged for the students to share their films with friends and family, and students will get to keep a copy of the films they make in class.



All are welcome! If students have a cell phone, tablet, or small camera (like a Flip Camera or GoPro) that is able to record video and sound and/or a laptop with iMovie (which comes pre installed for free on all Apple Mac laptops) it is preferred and helpful if they are able to bring it to class. However, all students are welcome to take this course regardless of if they have any equipment, and working in groups and sharing of the instructor’s equipment will insure everyone gets equal learning opportunities! On-set safety and equipment safety (i.e. how to not break your equipment!) will be covered in the first class. Any types of Apple Mac laptops are highly preferred, but PC laptops with basic video editing software are allowed. Students will need a three-ring binder with plain white hole-punched paper, pens, pencils (not colored pencils), and erasers – for storyboarding! The instructor has a professional-level DSLR camera (Canon Rebel T2i), lenses, tripods, sound (microphone), storage (hard drive), and video editing equipment (Final Cut Pro) which all students will have the opportunity to get hands-on experience using. Please feel free to reach out to Lake Norman Performing Arts with any questions!

Helpful to have (not required):

-Camera – cell phone, tablet, or small camera (Flip camera, GoPro etc)

-Laptop and Video Editing Software – (Apple Mac preferred, PC allowed) with iMovie or PC equivalent basic video editing software installed


-Three-ring binder (1-inch preferred, other sizes allowed)

-Hole-punched plain white paper


-Pencil (not colored)


-An open mind and excitement to learn! 🙂