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Dance Overview

Dance Overview

 Dance Classes

296LKNP2017Our dance classes focus on developing a strong foundation in dance from professional instructors.  The emphasis is on developing strong technique, performance skills & of course a love of dance! We offer  dance classes in Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop, Creative Movement & Pre-Ballet classes as well.

As students develop, they will have the opportunity to take their performance skills to the next level and audition for our performing group – LKN Perform Dance Ensemble. The Dance Ensemble performs numerous times a year around the area and are also featured in both our Christmas and Spring Performances.

Dance Classes for our Youngest Dancers
Ages 2-5 Preschoolers and Kindergarteners

Preschool dance classes are available in our Mini-Movers, Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet.  Kindergarten classes are available in Ballet, Tap & Hip Hop. These classes help young children develop gross motor skills, enhance their focus and concentration, develop listening skills that will assist in their success in school and feel a sense of accomplishment at an early age. In addition the discipline and appreciation of the performing arts is a priceless asset that will stay with your child throughout their life.  The students will showcase their skills in a winter and spring performance.

Classical Ballet and Pointe Classes 

102LKNP2017Our ballet classes focus on creating a strong foundation through proper alignment and the introduction of skills when both developmentally appropriate. Our goal is to teach your child complete body control in the same way the schools teach your child to read – one step at a time. We expect our students to be able to execute the steps properly as well as know the correct ballet terminology.

Ballet is the hardest dance form to learn but it is the one that gives your child the most. If your child doesn’t take ballet, please consider it. Ballet instills discipline and concentration that will last their lifetime, and has been proven to help children do better in school.

You should definitely consider your child taking a second ballet class each week. It is much easier to become proficient if you practice and take class more than once a week. If your child is serious about ballet, carefully consider this second class.

Pointe is begun when your child is twelve years old or older and has developed strong muscles and good ballet technique. Students continue to take ballet while taking Pointe. You must have permission of the instructor to begin pointe.

Within our technique classes, dancers also study classical variations, partnering and dance conditioning.

406LKNP2017Tap and Jazz

Classes in tap and jazz are offered from beginner through advanced level. Tap classes are 30 minutes each week. Tap classes focus on the origins of tap resulting in students gaining a solid foundation in this style. Our Jazz classes concentrate on classical Jazz technique. The Jazz classes are from 30 minutes to an hour hour depending on level each week. Both Tap and Jazz classes are scheduled either before or after a regular ballet technique class.5F5A7711

Hip Hop

Hip hop, the street form of jazz. It is a popular style of dance. We will offer 3 levels of this class. This is an hour class for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. We also offer an ALL Boys Class and an Adult Class.

030LKNP2017Contemporary/ Lyrical & Modern Dance

Modern dance is a type of dance that evolved as rebellion to ballet. Contemporary and Lyrical meld modern, ballet & jazz to explore new types of movement. The class is taken without shoes and has an emphasis on creativity and body control. This is a 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minute class for children 10 years of age and older.

Adult Classes

We also offer Adult classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Hip-Hop as well. This is a great way to stay in shape, learn something new or renew your love for dance!